Who can I contact, if needed:

Phone or text: 612-217-2737

Email: delivery@paperboymarketing.com

What will happen if I add my name to the “stop list”?

We will add your address to our maps to ensure our delivery team never delivers any flyer to your home again. That will be for a wide variety of products, including non profits, home services, food delivery, retail, etc.

What won’t happen when I add my name to the stop list:

We won’t send you anything in mail. We won’t call you (unless you ask). We would never take any retaliatory steps — we understand. You simply don’t want flyers.

What about “no soliciting signs”?

I know it can be a bit confusing for some residents — but what we are doing is not soliciting. Soliciting is defined as actively going door to door selling products or services. We never knock on doors or actively sell anything. We are well protected by freedom of speech laws relating to the distribution of newspapers and other print marketing material.

Why was a flyer delivered to my house?

Most of our customers are local businesses looking for local customers. Flyers are a great way to connect their product or service to your need in a way that isn’t actively selling door to door —- but is still high exposure.

What precautions do you take to ensure safety?

All of our deliveries are GPS AND video tracked. We have video of every single street being delivered. We do not hire temporary workers, nor do we hire other companies to deliver flyers for us.

Who delivers the flyers?

We are proud of our diverse team! We have many different ages, languages, and developmental capacities of our delivery contractors. For this reason, sometimes communication could be difficult. Sometimes they miss a sign of yours. Thank you for being patient. If you ever need anything please contact us at 612-217-2737 or delivery@paperboymarketing.com