Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is Paperboy?

Our 5 promises:

  1.  All of your flyers will be delivered.  We have GPS and video to prove it.
  2. We’ll always do what’s right.  That includes obeying laws and handling difficult people.
  3. We’ll work to get you the best ROI possible by using the most creative guerrilla delivery techniques and highest quality printing.
  4. We’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.  Daily GPS info will be available to you to follow along with the delivery.
  5. Grateful for your trust with your marketing.  
How do you deliver the flyers?

All of our methods are guerrilla techniques that aim to get you the most exposure possible.

We deliver a few different ways depending on the home.

T-band Method

We put a small hole in the corner of the flyer and hang it on the front door

Advanced Adhesive Method

This works well in areas where they often aren’t using their front door (I.E. they drive up, get their mail, push the garage door opener, and enter their garage. Even their children use the garage door to come in and out).


Rubber Band At Street Method:

We attach flyer to post with a large rubber band, where our adhesive process isn’t practical.

How do I know all of my flyers have been delivered?


All deliveries include GPS and video tracking—so you’ll have that data each day we deliver.

Check out this video showing how it all works:

What times / days of week will my flyers be delivered? What about weather?

We only deliver daytime hours — as we have found that produces the best response for you and is safest for our delivery team.

Our delivery team delivers 7 days a week.

Because of weather and other commitments, we ask that you give us a window of at least 5 days to deliver your pieces.

We skip times when it is raining and days where there is plowable snowfall to ensure highest response possible.

Many of our clients love that their exposure has a much more gradual, even response rate from day to day than something like direct mail as well as our ability to work around weather to ensure highest response.

What about no soliciting signs and or angry residents?

From time to time a resident may contact you regarding their no soliciting sign or not wanting to get flyers.  This kind of “goes with the territory” of high exposure marketing.

 I am so sorry—-these kinds of contacts can be no fun.    

Please get their address and contact info — as we want to make sure to add them to our stop list.  This will ensure they never receive another flyer.

Fill this form out (or have them do it): FORM

As a point of reference — what we are doing is not soliciting.  Soliciting is defined as actively going door to door selling products or services.  We never knock on doors or actively sell anything. We are well protected by freedom of speech laws relating to distribution of newspapers and other print marketing material.  Further, we are not required to have a permit in any city in MN.   

Sometimes people are confused about this—please make a note on the form above if you’d like me to follow up with resident or other person who contacted you.

How are the pieces printed?

We always use the highest quality printing we can.

Offset printing presses.  All of our printing is full color, both sides.

For cards, we use a 14pt (very thick) 4/4 with UV coating on both sides.

For brochures and other larger and or folded items, we use 100# gloss text stock with AQ coating.

What are the artwork requirements?
  1. We need a PDF file setup properly for full color printing (no spot colors)–CMYK
  2. Pieces need to be setup 1 up on the page and multiple pages must be multiple pages and or files.
  3. We need an 1/8″ bleed outside the trim size on each side (with proper marks on piece)
  4. Text can’t be within ¼” of edge on any side. We do not recommend small borders.
  5. Files must always be sent with the “top” or leading edge of the piece at the top of the artwork
  6. For brochures or other folded pieces, the “outside” of the brochure is always page 1
  7. For best print results, artwork is best created in such programs as Illustrator, InDesign, or other vector-based design software. Otherwise Photoshop, Paintshop or other graphics programs can be used as long as they can create a high-quality 300 DPI or greater bitmap graphics output file. We do not recommend Publisher or other consumer grade programs as it is much more difficult to output print ready files.
  8. All fonts used should be embedded, outlined or rasterized prior to creating your final artwork file.

Not sure about all of this? Just send us what you have and we can help.

What Areas Do You Deliver Flyers?
We cover the entire Twin Cities Metro Area. See map below: